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I'd like to start this issue with the critical idea that your business blog is central to your marketing strategy. The concern seems to be that blogging for your business is "boring, slow and time consuming." This is so unfortunate. When we look at what our potential customers need to know, how they gather information and what they want from those they buy from, we see exactly what role a blog plays in the Customer Journey (defined below). This issue begins to reflect on this positioning.

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The WhatThe What

The Customer Journey

Why should you consider how your content (including your blog posts) fits into the journey your customers make from being strangers to eager buyers and cheerleaders? When you clearly understand the role of your blog posts in the way you market, you can focus the info you share to help bring the reader along, making sure it's ready to be used in a way the reader wants/needs.

Your blog posts need to support the visitor experience. During the post (or content) creation process, pay attention to which phase of the journey this post would be directed to. Just in case you need a refresher, here are the phases of the customer journey:

  • Awareness phase - (Blog posts are incredibly effective here)
  • Engagement phase / Consideration phase
  • Evaluation phase / Decision phase
  • Purchase phase
  • Post-purchase phase / Loyalty phase

In the Awareness phase, the reader becomes aware they need something. They begin to look for a solution to their question or problem, and suring their search the become aware of a potention products or service provider for the first time. They spend tim with your blog content to gain an understanding of who they are and what they offer. As the service provider, you are working to attract that attention, to gain visibility and to show customers how you can help them reach their goals so they can get what they want or need.

What other types of content are particularly effective in this stage (as well as blog posts)?

  • Social Media updates
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
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The WhyThe Why

The HowThe How

Did You Know?Did You Know?

The Customer Journey definition

The customer journey is the complete sum of experiences that customers go through when interacting with your company and brand. Instead of looking at just a part of a transaction or experience, the customer journey documents the full experience of being a customer.

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What's the lifespan of your blog post compared to social media?

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Before you go

I hope you enjoyed this issue of BBH (Business Blogging Handbook), and that it gave you something to think about. Blogging doesn't have to be a scary prospect once you are able to place the reason for it in your marketing efforts. Blogging will make a huge difference to your success on your own terms.

If you have questions about blogging for your business, or suggestions of what you'd like to see in this newsletter I'd love to hear from you. Drop me an email here and let's talk.

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