Hey, Barb here!Hey, Barb here!

It's the 1st of June how heaven's sake! The year is half over and I just spent yesterday wondering where the time has gone so far this year. Still, it's also the traditional time (for me anyway) to encourage my clients to revisit their blogs for what could be considered a periodic refresh. That brings me to this issue of BBH - it's about tips you can use when you feel yourself flagging with your blog. Enjoy the read!

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Write more authoritative blog posts

You might think you’ve covered everything there’s to say about your industry, but this is hardly ever true.

Have you lost your curiosity?

Below follow 9 ideas to re-kindle your interest …

  • Consider what’s being discussed in your industry and share an authoritative opinion. Strong opinions can spark a debate. You can also explain why you disagree with an authority’s opinion.
  • Comment on the latest trends or predict what’s going to happen next year. - - You can also ask experts to share their thoughts.
  • Create an epic guide. Consider reducing your blog schedule for a few weeks to have time to write your most detailed post ever.
  • Publish an ultimate list of resources. Share the best resources you know that can help your readers succeed.
  • Record a podcast with an expert. Ask insightful questions to show your own authority and create an interesting debate.
  • Ask an authority to contribute a guest post or see whether you can co-write a post.
  • Explode a myth. Do your readers have a certain idea that you think is completely wrong? Argue a strong case in your next blog post.
  • Have a rant. Occasionally, it’s okay to vent your anger and write about something that upsets you. To avoid regrets, edit and polish your post when you’ve cooled down.
  • Find a quote to inspire your next blog post. Create a swipe file with fascinating quotes. But don’t steal your inspiration – credit your sources.

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Barb Jemmott